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9 Gifts to Celebrate The Lunar New Year, The Year of The Tiger

9 Gifts to Celebrate The Lunar New Year, The Year of The Tiger

On Feb 1, 2022, we will transition from the year of the ox to the year of the tiger. The traditional Lunar New Year is celebrated with family and friends and consists of four main elements: Little Year, which takes place one week before the Lunar New Year and is a day of memorial and prayers; New Year’s Eve, a day of reunion and gift-giving; Spring Festival, which runs for 11 days and includes a festival of family activities, prayer, lots of food; Lantern Festival, which concludes the Lunar New Year and is celebrated with family and friends and is marked by making lanterns and lighting them in the sky.

Gifting during the Lunar New Year will include the colors red, yellow and gold to symbolize wealth and prosperity. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite gifts to ring in the year of the tiger. 

1. Fly By Jing: Single Jar Sichuan Sauce

What is it: The first & only 100% all-natural Sichuan chili sauce, proudly crafted in Chengdu. Intensely flavorful yet not off-the-charts spicy, it’ll make your food taste bolder and the world around you seem a little bit brighter. Use it on everything. Yes, even that.

Why we love it: It's hot, spicy, crispy, numbing and deliciously savory. 

Price: $15

2. Sanzo: 12-Pack, Recipients Choice

What is it: The 1st Asian-inspired sparkling water, Sanzo uses real fruit and no added sugars to deliver refreshing taste. Comes with 12 cans. 12oz each.

Why we love it: Floral, light & the perfect amount of sweet.

Price: $30

3. Ilia: Multistick

What is it: A creamy, on-the-go formula for a soft wash of color on your cheek and lip.

Why we love it: A universally flattering dusty rose with cool undertones.

Price: $34

4. Treat House: Lunar New Year Treats

What is it: Celebrate the Lunar New Year in Style with the Year of the Tiger Treats. Fondant Plaques with Festive Tiger Images on top of our Caramel Sea Salt and Vanilla Bean Treats.

Why we love it: Gluten free & nut free treats for a sweet new year.

Price: $36

5. Machete: Grande Heirloom Claw Clip

What is it: Elegant Heirloom Claw Clips in a variety of beautiful designs.

Why we love it: Elegant, reinforced, double-walled design and hand-screwed made to last a lifetime.

Price: $42

6. Casamia: Garden Party Glassware, Set of 4

What is it: This set of 4 glasses in collaboration with Kimberly Whitman features intricate details that are perfect to enhance your next garden party tablescape or take you back to spring time, any time.

Why we love it: The glass that will carry your table from spring to summer to fall to the holiday's.

Price: $40

7. St Frank: Ombre Berry Napkin Set

What is it: Table linen napkins created in traditional craft techniques in India, on 100% Linen fabric. Each napkin measures 20" W x 20" H, set of two napkins. 

Why we love it: These pieces were created and hand-dyed in western India, using a sophisticated two-dye bath process to extract the soft, delicate hues from marigold and onion. Extracted from repurposed marigold flowers from Hindu temples and onion peels from local vegetable markets, the dyes can express a range of colors, from shades of gold and dark amber to rich mustard. 

Price: $52

8. Ghia: 1 Bottle

What is it: Ghia is a non-alcoholic apéritif packed with only pure, natural extracts, potent plants, heady herbals, and blithe botanicals. 

Why we love it: Powerful enough to bring out the best version of you without numbing the night (or the next morning).

Price: $33

9. Food52: Vinglacé Wine Bottle Chiller Matte Navy

What is it: Vinglacé works by insulating a bottle that has already been chilled so that it remains cold for up to four hours.

Why we love it: An entirely new way to keep your wine cool for hours in elegant fashion. 

Price: $90