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A Community Of Indie Brands Building Better, Together

A Community Of Indie Brands Building Better, Together

Indie CPG is a community of sustainable brands building tomorrow together. We teamed up with them this year to get more sustainable products and brands created by women on Goody. As we approach the holidays, we want to encourage brand founders to think of someone who made an impact on your business this year. Maybe it was an advisor, investor, creative agency, or the friends who taste tested (and helped perfect) your new product before it launched.

Thank that person with a thoughtful gift made by another brand who shares your values. Use code INDIECPG15 for $15 of your first purchase on Goody.

Here are a few gift ideas available on Goody. No need to have the recipients address, you can send them a surprise link to the gift in a text or email. Need to gift your team or many people who supported your brand this year? You can send a batch of gifts with Goody too.