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25 Best Gift Ideas For Administrative Professionals Day In 2022

25 Best Gift Ideas For Administrative Professionals Day In 2022

Admin Day is just around the corner on April 27th and let’s be honest, admin assistants are the unsung heroes of the office. Central to any business, administrative professionals keep an office organized and running smoothly. You appreciate everything they do to keep your workplace running efficiently, so make sure you show your thanks this Admin Day. Shop our top gift picks below!

Gift Card, 2 Bags from Trade Coffee Co.

What is it: They'll explore a personalized assortment from top roasters with coffee matches based on their preferences. They will take a quiz to share how they like their coffee, customize grind settings and coffee choices, and then receive 2 bags of coffee at peak freshness delivered to their door.

Why they’ll love it: An administrative professional always appreciates the gift of coffee.

Price: $40

Modern Sprout Gift Box from Giften

What is it: Tap into their green thumb with this collection of curated grow kits designed to uncomplicate indoor gardening. 

Why they’ll love it: This gift box is proven to brighten someone's day.

Price: $45

8 Pack Levain

What is it: NYC’s legendary cookies are baked to order and beautifully packaged. Famous for the 6-ounce chocolate chip walnut cookie, Levain Bakery has something for everyone.

Why she’ll love it: Arguably the greatest cookie on earth. These cookies are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Price: $49

Self Care Tea Box from Sips By

What is it: This box includes teas for grounding, energizing, heart-healing, and sleep, plus exclusive illustrated self-care cards to align with each theme.

Why they’ll love it: Everyone could use a self-care moment especially when it comes in the form of tea.

Price: $18

Laptop Sleeve from Parker Clay

What is it: Built to give your computer the perfect protection and designed with a soft leather lined interior, this sleeve is the essential companion for their meetings and work trips. 

Why they’ll love it: Laptops are delicate machines that require care during transport. Help them do it in fashion.

Price: $83

Marble Catchall Tray from Snowe Home

What is it: This miniature marvel packs a punch with its incredible versatility. Whether you use it as a coaster, a candle lifter, or for tiny treasures, it turns anything into a monumental moment.

Why they’ll love it: Admin’s remember it all so help them do it in style with this catchall tray.

Price: $25

Slippers from Brunch

What is it: Brunch slippers have the durability of an outdoor shoe and the comfort of an indoor slipper, inspired by everyone's favorite hotel accessory.

Why they’ll love it: Nothing says “we appreciate you” like a pair of cozy slippers.

Price: $88

Waffle Bathrobe from ettitude

What is it: A luxuriously soft spa-like, waffle weave robe made from 100% organic bamboo that's breathable and dries quickly.

Why they’ll love it: After a long work week, your staff could really use a relaxing spa moment.

Price: $99

Clara French Press from Fellow

What is it: Clara is in an immersion league of her own. With nuanced details and upgraded features, this brewing process is easy, enjoyable, and the epitome of a coffee table centerpiece.

Why they’ll love it: Help elevate their home-brewing routine.

Price: $135

NYC Restaurants Iconic Print from Prospect Print Co

What is it: This series features prints of Iconic NYC restaurants that have helped shape the culture of New York's Dining and food scene. Restaurants bring people together and are the fabric of our cities.

Why they’ll love it: No Carbone reservations needed!

Price: $44

Peachy Keen from H. Bloom

What is it: An elegantly wrapped bundle of peach, orange and blush seasonal blooms like roses, lilies and wax flowers.

Why they’ll love it: Flowers are a beautiful way to show appreciation. Surprise them with a special arrangement delivered to their door.

Price: $75

2 Pack from Maddie & Mazie

What is it: Maddy & Maize is on a mission to level up the popcorn game with bigger, cleaner, fancier popcorn that inspires you to treat yourself to the best.

Why they’ll love it: Chocolatey Churro popcorn? Need we say more?

Price: $13

Dark Chocolate Bar 4 Pack from Hu Kitchen

What is it: Hu's dark chocolate bars are made with simple ingredients with an unbeatable taste. Recipient selects their choice of flavor from a range of unique, mouth-watering creations.

Why they’ll love it: The absolute perfect midday pick-me-up.

Price: $26

8 Snack Box from Caroo

What is it: Delicious premium snacks from today's emerging brands.

Why they’ll love it: Every admin could use a snack stash, help them start one with this box of goodies.

Price: $28

Dopp Kit from Baboon To The Moon

What is it: Use as a toiletry kit, makeup bag, electronics case or junk drawer. Made with waterproof shell materials, these heavy-duty org bags will survive anything you throw at it and won't ever get mad at you.

Why they’ll love it: There are bags, and then there’s the Baboon to The Moon’s dobb kit. It’s the perfect stash all bag.

Price: $29

500ml Bottle from bkr

What is it: The endlessly refillable, beautifully sustainable cult favorite glass water bottle. It makes drinking water blissful, it’s dishwasher safe, it's the water bottle soulmate you never knew existed.

Why they’ll love it: Help them stay hydrated in style. 

Price: $38

Paddle from Recess Pickleball 

What is it: Recess paddles are perfect for an impromptu pickleball game with friends or a spontaneous day in the sun!

Why they’ll love it: Help them get into a new hobby. We hear that Pickleball is all the rage these days!

Price: $74

Bullet Journal, Recipient's Choice from LEUCHTTURM1917

What is it: This journal features a range of thoughtful details such as a page of stickers to be placed as visual reminders, a page divider for quick grouping of pages, future log pages to track the future you’re working towards, an intentions page to define how you want the notebook to serve you, and more.

Why they’ll love it: Help them stay organized in style.

Price: $36

Superfoods Masks Kit from Golde

What is it: Put your best face forward with 100% pure superfood skincare. This kit includes the Clean Greens and Papaya Bright face masks with powder-to-gel formulas that instantly activate when combined with a few drops of water.

Why they’ll love it: Help any admin level up their self-care routine with Golde’s kit.

Price: $60

Go Neck Pillow from Ostrichpillow

What is it: Go's 360° ergonomic design offers full neck support to maintain proper spinal posture and prevent neck and back pain.

Why they’ll love it: Help them travel in style with Ostrichpillow

Price: $60

Acrylic Cold Cup

What is it: Made for grabbing beverages on the go, this double-wall insulated acrylic cup will keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. 

Why they’ll love it: They can sip their morning cold brew or matcha in style thanks to this cup all while being kind to the environment.

Price: $25

Cold Brew & Chocolate Experience from Liquor Lab

What is it: During your virtual on-demand Cold Brew & Chocolate Experience enjoy a cold brew & chocolate tasting as we explore each cold brew expression and the ultra unique chocolate offerings from one of Liquor Lab's favorite chocolate purveyors.

Why they’ll love it: You can never go wrong with Cold Brew & Chocolate.

Price: $60

Alarm Clock from Loftie

What is it: Loftie is a thoughtfully connected alarm clock designed to help you break up with your smartphone alarms and get more sleep.

Why they’ll love it: The Loftie can fool you into thinking you’re waking up of your own accord every morning, rather than being forcibly annoyed out of bed. Every admin can appreciate this.

Price: $149

Stojo 12oz Cup from Stojo

What is it: Microwavable and dishwasher safe collapsible 12oz cup

Why they’ll love it: They’ll always be ready for a spontaneous cup of coffee.

Price: $15

Theragun Mini from Therabody

What is it: The mini is your pocket-sized partner, giving you Theragun quality muscle treatment with unparalleled portability.

Why they’ll love it: Theragun mini is the most agile massage device that goes wherever you do.

Price: $199

Still not sure what to gift? Let them choose and gift our curated gift collection.