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Drybar Creator Alli Webb Cofounds Affordable Luxury Jewelry Line

Drybar Creator Alli Webb Cofounds Affordable Luxury Jewelry Line

She mastered the market when it came to blowouts and massages. Now, serial entrepreneur Alli Webb is back in the business with self-taught designer Meredith Quill. We spoke with Webb to learn more about their high end, affordable luxury line, Beckett + Quill.

Alli, you're a serial entrepreneur, known for having cofounded both Drybar and Squeeze. Meredith, you've had a lifelong passion for jewelry and have been making beautiful pieces for years. How did you two join forces?

A girlfriend of mine sent me the black enamel heart necklace by Becket + Quill. At the time, Meredith had been operating her jewelry line for 3-4 years.. I loved the piece. It had a high-end feel, and I loved the price point even more—it was so affordable! Eventually Meredith and I became friends, and she started sending me more samples. I knew I wanted to work with her to help expand her line, and level up the business. I believed in it so much, and I really saw an opportunity to help with branding and all things business. So, we went into business together! Our business is still pretty young, it’s under a year, but we’re growing quickly!

One of the things that you have in common is a keen eye for curating affordable luxury and we love your phrase, "high end, not high spend". What inspired that approach and for those who aren't already familiar with your pieces, can you share more about what makes them so unique?

I love building businesses in this space—bringing luxury to more people at affordable prices. Jewelry is a crowded space, but when I saw Meredith’s pieces that look and feel high-end—yet are still affordable—I knew it was a natural fit to work together.

The pieces are so unique, beautiful, and high quality, all at a price point the majority of people can take on. We’re bringing quality pieces to everyone! You can stack and layer all the pieces, so you can really create the look that you want, while spending as little or as much as you want. Our average prices range from $60 to $300, so you can afford to have that jewelry pick-me-up more than you can with fine jewelry.

You each get to take one accessory to a desert island - which piece is it?

Curb link necklace—it’s a very simple and durable piece.

You talk about how your partnership is strengthened by bringing opposite skill sets to the table. How has that helped you navigate a growing business?

We bounce ideas off each other! My experience is best suited for the business side of things. And, while I certainly have a strong point of view on design, Meredith is the visionary—she has the mind for dreaming and designing. Marketing falls somewhere in between the two of us. We each have our different areas of expertise, so we can divide and conquer—which is the key to a great partnership.

Being moms and running a business must keep you quite busy. Any recharge tips?

Self-care and taking the time that you need in whatever form that is! It’s really easy to let our own self-care not become a priority.

Why does Becket + Quill make the perfect gift this holiday season?

They make perfect gifts because they’re affordable, beautiful, and high quality. They meet everyone’s needs and budget. There’s something for everyone!