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Meet Trinity Mouzon Wofford: The Black Female Founder Making Superfood Wellness Affordable

Meet Trinity Mouzon Wofford: The Black Female Founder Making Superfood Wellness Affordable

If you're into wellness or are on Instagram, you'd likely recognize the pastel palette of superfood brand Golde. However, Golde's genius millennial branding is not the only thing that brought Trinity Mouzon Wofford and her partner Issey Kobori to Forbes 30 Under 30. The superfoods and skincare-boosting products are made with natural and vegan-friendly formulas that are as good for you as they taste and smell.

In 2017—at just 23 years old—Wofford launched her first product, the Original Turmeric Latte Blend, from her one-bedroom Brooklyn apartment. With over 13 developed products, Golde is continuing to expand and disrupt the wellness market. When they launched at Sephora in 2019, Mouzon Wofford became the youngest woman of color ever to launch a brand at the beauty retailer.

Take us back to the beginning, we’d love to hear the story of how Golde was born in your Brooklyn one-bedroom apartment! 

We launched Golde in 2017 on a mission to make wellness and superfoods more accessible to the everyday consumer. We knew that we could make it feel way more friendly, fun, and feel-good. It was just myself and my partner Issey, and we were 23 years old at the time. We had very little experience, no connections, no outside funding. We just got started with our idea and a couple thousand dollars in savings between the two of us. Everything from packaging design to photography to the website or even the sales strategy was just us, learning as we went along! It was a nice way to start because it felt really low pressure.

We heard that one of your earliest vocabulary words was “partially hydrogenated fats”, which is adorable and hilarious, and that your grandmother played a large role in imparting her health and wellness wisdom to you from a young age. Tell us about your introduction to the wellness space and how that later influenced the kind of products you create at Golde.

I grew up in a pretty wellness-y household, but it was definitely the old school type of healthy living. As I grew up and started building out my own routines, I looked at the industry and felt sort of caught between the “crunchy granola” stuff I’d grown up with and the next wave of wellness, which felt super prestige and out of reach. I really wanted to create a brand that bridged that gap and made wellness products that anyone would be excited to use.

Golde has just been exploding in growth. Golde just celebrated its fifth birthday (congrats!), you’re now carried at major retailers nationwide including Target, you continue to expand your product line, you created a Superfood Routines recipe book, just to name a few! And yet you still make time to help other founders seeking mentorship. Tell us about why it’s important to you to make that a priority.

While it’s not always easy to squeeze it in while growing my own brand, I try to make time where I can for mentorship. When I started my own business, I didn’t have access to many of the resources needed for successfully scaling a brand. I learned by trial and error, and by getting connected with other inspiring founders. I do my best to pay that forward however I can!

When you’re not busy building your business based on self-care, curious to know what you do personally to relax and recharge?

I’m actually really big on gardening! Even in the northeast, it’s sort of a year-round process. In the winter you’re pruning and ordering seeds and planning your next projects. It’s nice to have an outlet that’s totally unplugged from work mode.

You can choose only one Golde product to use for the rest of your life - which would it be?

Oh jeez, not easy!! But I’ll have to say Coconut Collagen Boost. We launched CCB (as it’s affectionately known) last year and it immediately hit bestseller status. What I love about it is that it’s actually a sort of vegan creamer blend that can go into any of your beverages. So whether you’re having coffee, matcha, or a smoothie, CCB can go in there. It delivers on plump, hydrated skin and stronger hair and nails.

You’ve built such a strong brand and accomplished so much especially considering you were founded in 2017. How do you want to see Golde continue to grow in the next few years? 

We’re really just building off of the foundation of the past 5 years. We didn’t rush to build a massive company overnight — we focused on creating awareness and brand love that will have real lasting power. Now we’re just excited to bring more of that to the world, and get to the point where everybody has a Golde product in their pantry.