Founder Q&A

Goody Founder Series: Beast's Colin Sapire

Goody Founder Series: Beast's Colin Sapire

What’s the origin story behind Beast’s launch?

Beast Health was founded on the simple premise that whole foods with minimal processing are nature’s endowment to us. Beast Health is on a mission to help people be more proactive about getting nutrients and hydration directly from whole foods to strengthen their immunity.

To help users do that, we meticulously engineered a best-in-class personal blender to help add even more of the good stuff into our diets. The Beast Blender achieves this by providing a simple, thoughtful user experience, best-in-class smoothie blending performance, and a sophisticated design that is intended to be proudly displayed on the kitchen counter as an icon of one’s healthy lifestyle. 

How have you leaned on your background to scale the brand?

As founder of the NutriBullet and as a developer of personal blending products for many years, I wanted to use my experience and knowledge to further innovate the personal blending category. With the establishment of Beast Health, our objective was to disrupt the personal blending category by developing a blender with unique intelligent technology and design and to build a machine that ”looks good and blends better” thereby encouraging our Beast Blender users to increase their enjoyment and  consumption of nutrient-dense whole foods.

Our objective with the development of The Beast Blender is to champion a lifestyle where people strive - through increasing their consumption of whole foods, to become stronger on the inside, therefore our tagline  “Strong Inside

What health benefits should folks know about Beast? 

It is well known that incorporating fresh, whole foods into one’s diet helps our bodies become stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally. Sometimes, daily life can get in the way and personal health goals fall to the wayside because healthy living becomes “inconvenient.”

We strove with The Beast to create a machine that makes consuming more whole foods more convenient and easy on the eyes as well. The Beast eviscerates anything and everything you put into it in one minute or less with our timed blending cycle so you can throw your ingredients in, keep getting ready for the day whether that’s brushing your teeth or packing your lunch, and you don’t have to worry about whether your smoothie is still blending.

When you come back, your blend will be finished and perfectly smooth. We also designed a drinking lid + carry cap so you can easily screw it on and take it on the go wherever life takes you. With The Beast, healthy living is easy, achievable, and fun. 

How do you incorporate Beast into your own routine?

I incorporate The Beast into my whole day through the form of nutrition blends (think your typical green morning smoothie), dessert blends, cocktails or mocktails, and even make salsas, dips, etc. I start my day with my green nutrition blend to get in my nutrients and begin the day right.

I find that my mind works better when I have real fruits and veggies in my body (not processed foods). In the afternoon, I tend to have a dessert smoothie - an alternative to your chocolates or ice cream, although we do love those too - because I feel better knowing that they’re real, whole ingredients.

My favorite dessert recipe is milk, banana, and dates - that’s it, and it’s so sweet and delicious! If my family and I are making dinner, we might make a cocktail or mocktail in The Beast with your pineapple, strawberries, mangoes, etc. and liquid of choice. There are so many ways to make delicious blends in The Beast that aren’t just your typical smoothie. 

What factors have led to Beast’s success so far?

We launched only a few months ago with a soft launch - without big media , press, partnerships, etc. and with the objective of gaining a strong insight into what the marketplace thought of our Beast. Both customers and publications alike gave us an extremely warm welcome.

The Beast Blender took three long years to develop and the experience now of seeing the warm welcome by the marketplace is extremely rewarding. The world’s foremost design publications (incl. Elle Decor UK, Enki etc.) and the press (Forbes, The Daily Beast, CNET etc.) have spoken highly of the Beast’s design and performance all of which has provided momentum to the strong sales numbers to date. 

What makes Beast a great gift? 

When people buy a gift, they don’t typically think of a blender. The Beast changes that perspective. The Beast Blender is a great gift to share: it won’t go out of season like an expensive pair of sneakers and it is a strong demonstration of love and appreciation for the gift recipient. What better than a gift as a means of elevating one’s health and wellness?