Founder Q&A

Goody Founder Series: Glory's Alisia Ford

Goody Founder Series: Glory's Alisia Ford

What’s the origin story behind Glory?

A little bit about me. I worked for some of the largest retail brands in the world. I was the lead business affairs for major ad campaigns and worked on celebrity talent deals. So you may ask, what brought me to building glory? 

Well, it was my own journey as an underserved consumer. I’ve battled migraines most of my adult life and changed my lifestyle, starting with clean personal care and skincare in 2010, as a grad student.

And similarly, like many young working professionals in their 30’s, there is so much guesswork. And not enough trusted resources or clean options. For 10+ years, I and so many others have walked the aisles of major beauty retail stores, and glanced online, to always come up short. 

I felt overlooked as a consumer in so many ways, from the lack of representation in marketing, to the desire and need to feel validated as a consumer in the product offerings available. 

Actually, 79% of black women and women of color feel this way — and therefore, lack guidance on what products to use, have few clean options for melanin rich skin, and also have limited access to a skin professional who understands the nuances of skin of color. 

And so Glory was a vision that came —

We create clean clinical essentials from head to toe, formulated for melanin-rich skin, to empower modern women to live joyful healthy lives. 

We first started our approach with curated Skincare and Wellness Boxes to better understand the needs of our community. 

What are the core brand values at Glory?

We are centered around community:

Community Powered by WOC: Glory is a beauty community that prioritizes women of color— our voices, our health, our lives—in order to create a larger beauty culture that better represents every woman.

Self-Care Sanctuary for WOC: We create space for women of color to prioritize their well-being, without the pressure to be strong or have it all figured out. Our community recognizes the complexity of our varied identities, and the connection between our inner wellness and skin health. 

Created with Experts in Melanin-Rich Skin: We create products formulated in partnership with dermatologists and chemists who specialize in skin of color.

Clean Ingredients that Women Demand: We formulate with natural ingredients and without the Toxic 20— the twenty most questionable and harmful ingredients commonly used in skincare. 

Products She Asked For: We believe that products should be created based on what women really want, not what some marketing exec decides for us. Our community informs what we make because they tell us what they need. 

How does Glory layer into customer’s existing beauty routines?

Customers start their journey with the brand with a succinct skincare quiz, posing questions about skin type, tone, specific skincare concerns — like hyperpigmentation or dull texture — and even how you'd define your level of understanding when it comes to your own skin and skincare in general. From there, the in-house team worked together to build a product recommendation engine that expedites the selection process based on every individual quiz response.

The data we capture provides valuable insights into our community’s needs and skincare concerns. And with that data, we’ve determined that a curated and customized approach is the best way for us to democratize healthy skin. 

How do you use Glory on a daily basis?

While you can shop individual products from Glory Skincare, the customized boxes are by far its draw, offering three box options, dependent on how involved you want and need your routine to be, each filled with a personalized curation of full-sized products to simplify and elevate your process.

The Essentials Box ($79) comes complete with a cleanser, exfoliant, and moisturizer; the Inaugural Box ($99), with a cleanser, exfoliant, toner, moisturizer, and SPF sunscreen; and the Premium Box ($149), which comes with everything in the Inaugural Box, along with a treatment serum and tool.

Each box is filled with some of today's top clean skincare products, from a diverse lineup of brands like Black Girl Sunscreen, Golde, and more.

What makes Glory a great gift? 

Whether you keep the SkincareBox for yourself (or curate a box for your BFF), you’ll find joy in the simple act of intentional self care.