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Goody Founder Series: POMP Co-Founder Ivette Harrouche

Goody Founder Series: POMP Co-Founder Ivette Harrouche

We chatted with POMP Co-Founder, Ivette Harrouche, to learn how she and her cousin Steven Peisach took learnings from their family’s legacy in the floral industry to create a farm-to-tablescape floral experience brand.

We’re all about our brand partners’ origin stories. What inspired you and your cousin to start POMP and what prompted you to base your business operations in South America? 

We can’t tell POMP’s story without touching on some family history - so for history's sake, Steven’s (Co-Founder of POMP) dad and my mom are siblings -- both born and raised in Colombia. I actually live in Colombia now too. Colombia is in our roots and an important part of our heritage, which is why we are based in South America.
Steven’s parents (my uncle & aunt), for the last 25+ years have been in the floral industry growing and distributing flowers. Their number one focus has been rooted in doing things right to produce and distribute the highest quality roses. They like to say, “we cut stems, not corners” - for decades they have worked tirelessly to cross every “t” and dot every “i” to make sure that the conditions of the farms are perfect for every single stem (and the employees who work there too). This focus enables them to deliver a truly exceptional high quality flower that lasts. 

That’s where POMP comes to life! Steven and I were frustrated that we were paying a fortune for lackluster inconsistent online floral deliveries.  Our friends had similar experiences.   Flowers were arriving dead, didn’t match the online photo, were often too small and didn’t live up to the price tag. We realized that by offering our family’s high quality flowers directly to consumers and managing the full experience from seed to vase, we could solve these problems and bring an overall better floral experience to market at an attainable price point. Our goal in building POMP is to create a “blow you away” floral delivery experience, every single time, directly from our family farm.

POMP is family-owned & operated with decades-long floral practices rooted in family. How is your family involved in POMP today?

Yes, our family is involved, of course! They are a fountain of knowledge when it comes to the floral industry with 25+ years of experience and continuously provide us with resources that support our  growth. They are the absolute best sounding board, group of cheerleaders, board of directors and backbone I could ever imagine for us and for POMP.  

What is the main take away you want people to know about the POMP brand and what it stands for? Is POMP involved with any specific social impact initiatives or non-profit? 

POMP strives to bring a whole new meaning to the US floral delivery market. I want our customers to be blown away every single time by their POMP bouquet. Getting POMPed means more than getting flowers -- it’s a gesture. It’s an experience. It’s not just any flower, it’s a POMP flower (and yes, you can tell the difference). 

Yes, we are constantly engaging with different social impact initiatives. Our next one is coming up in October with Fighting Pretty throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We’ll be donating proceeds of specific floral bouquets to support breast cancer warriors. 

Something really special about POMP is that you are a floral brand that runs its own supply chain. Why is sustainability and your desire to have “fair & honest price points” so important to the company’s mission?

At POMP, we strive to make luxury attainable. We own and operate the entire supply chain which naturally helps our price point. Your dollar goes farther at POMP and that is the fundamental base of our mission.  

We’d love to educate our community on the best flowers and arrangements to gift. Can you share some details/tips!

No one ever says no to flowers! There is nothing nicer than sending thank you flowers, thinking of your flowers, or just because flowers.  Before a dinner party, trust me, send flowers! Personally, nothing makes me happier than “flowers for no reason, but every reason.”  I feel flowers always make any occasion more meaningful and memorable.   

Pro tip: Always cut the stems about 1-2 inches. I recommend cutting them diagonally to create a larger surface area for the stems to drink more water and stay hydrated. Also, it is so important to add our POMP flower food. It makes a difference!

As we celebrate this month, what are your favorite LatinX/Colombian/Ecuadorian traditions?

My favorite Colombian tradition is the typical Colombian potato-based soup, Ajiaco. The one that they make on the farm is hands down the best one I have EVER tried.