Hostess Gifts That'll Get You An Invite Back

Hostess Gifts That'll Get You An Invite Back

Alcohol doesn’t have to be the only thing you bring to a dinner party. A meaningful gift for the host is a lovely way to show your appreciation… and potentially score an invite to the next party. Not sure what the right gift is? Start here and let your host decide if they want to swap for something else!

ROE - 30G Gift Set

When people hear the word caviar they typically think about luxury, cocktail parties, fancy dinners or a great gift. ROE Caviar is an American white sturgeon caviar, elegantly packaged with a gold-rimmed black tin in a timeless wood box. Designed to be enjoyed with guests, ROE will make the perfect gift for any host.

Gjusta Goods - Pantry Box

Why show up with one gift when you can bring four! After cooking for a dinner party, your host's pantry is definitely in need of some replenishing. Stock them up with Gjusta's beautiful pantry staple items - Marinated Olive Oil, Herbed Salt, California Sage Honey, and Chili Vinegar. Packaged in a sturdy paper box, this assortment makes for easeful gifting.

Brightland - Essentials Capsule

Whether an avid chef or not, everyone knows about Brightland. Once you’ve tasted their exceptional products, you’re certain to understand the hype. Brightland’s fresh, family farm-to-table olive oils and vinegars are filled with flavor, beautifully packaged and perfect for any food lover. The essentials capsule makes the perfect host gift featuring Brightland’s DUO (AWAKE and ALIVE oils) as well as the PAIR (RAPTURE and PARASOL vinegars). The foursome is guaranteed to compliment any kitchen.

La Fleur Bouquets - Super Petit Bouquet

Not a foodie? You can never go wrong with a beautiful floral arrangement. These signature white hat boxes are filled with premium roses that last a year. YES, a year! These forever roses are a small gesture with a big impression. Treated with non-toxic solution, they make the perfect decor for any home.

Valleybrink Road - Joyful Celebration

A goody box perfect for celebrating and having a good time. From the delicious gourmet popcorn and the chewy caramels, to the party cracker and swedish fish, this beautifully packaged assortment box is the perfect way to help kick off a celebratory dinner party.