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How A Digital Autism Care Startup Puts Families And Their Community First

How A Digital Autism Care Startup Puts Families And Their Community First

Elemy matches pediatric patients with a therapist to create a personalized in-home and online treatment plan, and gives caregivers the ability to track the patients’ progress. We chatted with the startup to learn more about how they're using Goody to foster relationships within their community.

As a fast-moving startup with a rapidly growing remotely distributed team, how do you foster a healthy company culture and maintain a sense of internal community?

Our teams talk a ton.  Whether slack, or a good old fashion phone call, we encourage a culture of constant communication to try and emulate sitting next to a member of our team in the office.  Additionally, Elemy’s mission is front and center, we really focus on hiring individuals that have a passion for helping families and by doing that, everyone has a shared goal that is less individualistic and more team focused.

How much of an impact does it have on the team and Elemy company culture when you make a point of celebrating employee milestones?

A great deal!  We have weekly contests with Goody’s going out each week as a better way to incentivize vs gift cards.  We have hired over 30 members of the business development team in the last few months and providing a welcome gift during onboarding has been a welcomed part of a new-hires experience. Birthday’s are always important as well!

Gifting can be particularly complex with a globally distributed team. How were you celebrating as a company before you began using Goody?

We weren’t enough!  It was a clunky process with very little coordination which often led to it not being prioritized.  Goody has made it so easy to get folks gifts that are thought out and welcomed with very little administrative lift.

One of your company values is “families first, everything else second” and that means that no decision is made at Elemy without considering the value it would bring to your families. Does that impact how you choose to celebrate special occasions and what gifts to give?

It absolutely does, we try to provide Goody’s that are going to be enjoyed by not just our team mates but their families as well.  Our team is not built like standard sales teams, hitting our targets isn’t your typical signed deals, it’s getting families access to care, so our celebrations and milestones are built around families.

Do you have any favorite pieces of feedback that you’ve received from your team about their Goody experience?

The ability to swap gifts is universally loved.  We have also gotten a lot of love for the overall experience of opening your first Goody down to the Elemy branded card that they open.

What are your team's go-to gifts to send and receive?

We love sending plants from Rooted.  Being a remote team it makes for a great WFH gift to showcase on video calls and place on your desk.