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How a Fast-Paced Start-Up Uses Goody To Build a Strong Company Culture

How a Fast-Paced Start-Up Uses Goody To Build a Strong Company Culture

We chatted with the People Ops team at Rothy’s (p.s. they’re also Goody users!) about how they’re cultivating a strong company culture and maintaining connection and engagement with their team members as they scale their organization. Here’s what they had to share! 

As a fast-paced startup, how do you prioritize your team members and developing and cultivating a strong company culture?

We really want to make our workplace equitable for all. Since we have a unique population of corporate and retail employees, we try to celebrate everyone despite where they live or work. Our company culture is built around our mission and values and we are truly committed to “do better” with our people. 

How impactful is celebrating employee milestones to Rothy’s company culture? 

Being a fairly new company, employee milestones are so important to us. We want to celebrate the special moments and how we’ve grown over the years. Since we transitioned to working from home during COVID-19, we especially want each employee to feel valued on their anniversary. 

Before you began using Goody, how were you celebrating team member birthdays and work-anniversaries as a company?

Anniversaries - we were previously purchasing gifts one at a time and sending it to our employees during the week of their anniversaries. We had different gifts for years 1-3 and it took up a lot of time and effort to purchase these items. 

Birthdays - we were sending gift cards to everyone during their birthday month and it didn’t feel unique or special. 

Can you share some examples of feedback you’ve received from team members who have received a gift through Goody?

All of our feedback has been positive so far! Our team has loved the option to swap the gift for anything they want. This is such a helpful feature when ordering for several team members. We’ve also had a few employees express that the process to redeem their gifts is super easy. 

How do you decide what to gift? Do you consider brands aligned with a particular mission or that have similar values to yours? 

We try to gift items that are meaningful to our employees. Whether we send a useful item, something we think most of our population would enjoy, or choose a brand that aligns with our mission/values, we try to gift items that will be used (instead of thrown out). 

What are your team's favorite gifts to send and receive? 

Food is usually the most well-received. :) Our team also likes to receive gifts that are aligned with our brand (ex: sustainable products, products with high-quality, etc.).

We love sending out the Milk Bar birthday cake and Raaka chocolate bars to our employees.