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How a Pet Care Brand Uses Goody to Retain Its Customers and Build Loyalty

How a Pet Care Brand Uses Goody to Retain Its Customers and Build Loyalty

We chatted with pet care start-up, Pawp, to find out how they’re building an engaged community and going above and beyond for their customers. 

As a fast-paced start-up that’s building a brand in the pet care space we’d love to hear about how you engage with customers and grow your community?

Building a brand in the pet care space is a unique experience, because our customers and target demographic are by default animal lovers (a.k.a. good people)—so learning about them and listening to their feedback is usually a fun experience. We engage with our community through various social media groups and forums, webinars, in-person and online feedback sessions and local events in key markets. 

How has using Goody to reward your VIP members helped you to create deeper connections with your customers?

We’ve recently transitioned into sending a Goody gift to every Pawp member that has needed to use their emergency fund. It’s a really sweet way for us to acknowledge both their trust in Pawp and empathize with their recent scare. Pets are truly members of our family and we know how emotionally challenging a pet emergency can be. Additionally, we use Goody to send welcome gifts when our members become Pawp ambassadors. Ultimately, the purpose of the gift is to make the user feel welcome and special and to remind them why they’re a loyal Pawp member to begin with. 

We’d love to hear how Pawp builds customer loyalty.

At Pawp, the core of our customer loyalty ultimately comes from the service we provide. With a Pawp membership, you have 24/7 access to pet professionals for everyday questions and peace of mind. Additionally, we provide a $3,000 emergency fund for when you need it most. By having the best team of pet professionals, our members stay loyal to us because they know we’ll be there for questions big and small with quality advice and recommendations, as well as that extra security blanket for the worst case scenario.

Additionally, one of the key components of creating customer loyalty is listening to the feedback we receive from our members and having an effective feedback loop between the member, the support team and the product team. We want to hear what people think, where & how we can improve, and what products and features our community would want to see down the line. 

Can you share some awesome above and beyond customer stories with us? (we’re all about a stellar customer experience!) 

We had a member who unfortunately needed to use the emergency fund for her dog Excel’s leg surgery. We went through the process with her and paid the bill with the emergency fund, and now Excel is making a full recovery. What made this experience unique, is that this member was so grateful for our emergency fund, that she’s currently in the process of creating and producing a documentary about Pawp and Excel’s journey to recovery. 

Not all emergency cases end well, and sometimes our member’s pets end up crossing the rainbow. In those situations, we use Goody to send condolence gifts and a special message. 

Has your team used Goody for employee gifting? Can you share some details with us?

Not yet! We’re hoping to try that soon. 

What are your team's favorite gifts on Goody to send and receive? 

We love to send Raaka chocolate or other treats when the gift is meant for the member. When the gift is meant for the member’s pet, we love gifts from Wild One and Maxbone.