Founder Q&A

How A Skincare Leader Is Scaling Its Brand While Amplifying Entrepreneurship

How A Skincare Leader Is Scaling Its Brand While Amplifying Entrepreneurship

We chatted with Heyday Co-Founder Michael Pollak to learn more about his people-centric brand, the new opportunities it's creating for entrepreneurs and how to create that “first shop” feeling all over the country.

Can you share with our community some details behind why you founded Heyday and how you’ve built the brand into a leader in the skincare space?

We started Heyday to take the facial out of the spa and the guesswork out of skincare. Our skin is the largest organ we walk around with – and our face can play such a role in how we present ourselves, our sense of confidence, and we felt that the category was always either a splurge when it came to services or a smokescreen when it came to products and what to use and how to use it. Estheticians have been this group of people who’ve been there all along, trained and passionate about how to bring out the best in your skin, and we wanted to build a space for them to do their work and positively impact people.

We’ve seen in the news you’re offering opportunities for franchising Heyday shops. Can you share with us some details on this new approach to scaling the business and bringing more amazing skincare treatments to more people across the country?

How do you continue to instill, cultivate and protect your company core values and brand mission as you scale?

(Answering these two together.)

Yes! Franchising can have a strange connotation (it did to me before I learned more about it), but so many successful businesses and brands have been built in this country by empowering local owners who have an entrepreneurial desire and sensibility but want to hook into a brand built more centrally. Our business is so people-centric – and creating a great experience for team members and clients alike is key to success. As we started to meet potential franchise owners, you could immediately see how the combination of savvy, empathetic, invested local ownership and a centrally developed brand can help bring out the best for everyone. It’s how you can achieve the “first shop” team feeling in multiple cities across the country. And on that, franchising also allows us to grow more quickly across the country. We believe the facial and skincare market has a lot of growth potential nationally and a network of franchise partners allows us to spread our geographic wings faster. We’ll have 25 new stores next year in cities like Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Miami, Phoenix, and more – expansion we could never pull off on our own.

We’d love to hear some tips on what to expect from first-timers coming in for a facial at a Heyday location? 

So, we don’t like to call ourselves a “spa” – we’re not anti-spa (love a good spa day), but we set out to make skincare services more accessible than the once-in-awhile indulgence of a spa. At Heyday, you can expect a facial that’s comprehensive and personalized to your needs and goals – there’s no picking from a tri-fold menu of 10 treatments. Our rooms are semi-private, you’ll hear great music (I’d sum it up as equal parts Stevie Nicks, Jessie Ware, and Roosevelt), you won’t have to undress and don a robe, and most of all, you won’t feel intimidated. We’re hyper-conversational and I’d bet money that you’ll learn something about your skin from your esthetician. So much of your skincare journey is at home, in the days we aren’t touching your skin but you are, so we’ll spend time with you to talk about your at-home routine and make recommendations to round it out. And then, we’ll see your glowing face again the next month after you become a Heyday member. ;-)

Share with us some of your favorite wellness rituals? 

For me personally? I’m a New York upstater, so a good walk amidst the trees and the absolute quiet is my wellness ritual. Tree bathing, as the Japanese call it. I love a great detox mask on a Sunday evening (shout out to the Shaffali Volcanic Ash & Sage Detox Mask we carry) and a great workout to start the day.