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How An Alcohol-Free Spirits Brand is Bringing Brain Care To The Bar

How An Alcohol-Free Spirits Brand is Bringing Brain Care To The Bar

We chatted with Kin Co-Founder and CEO, Jen Batchelor, on creating a beverage brand for future generations, bi-annual resets and naming Bella Hadid as Co-Founder of the brand. 

We love a good origin story at Goody. Can you share what inspired you to create Kin Euphorics and what Kin stands for as a brand?

I was inspired originally by a lack of options in the world of functional, sophisticated alc-free spirits. We were the only ones alongside Curious Elixirs in 2017 and the first to incorporate nootropics, bringing the topic of brain care to the bar. When you're aiming to be the beverage of choice for future generations, there are more than your average number of mantels to carry. For the most part, we are on a mission to empower folks through optionality and to make it more accessible for all humans to nourish their minds while building community. 

Of course the world knows Bella Hadid, we’d love to hear about Bella recently being named Co-Founder? 

Oh it's been amazing getting to build the next chapter of our company with one of our favorite people. It’s been over a year in the making with Bella being very involved on the daily, plus she's been a Kin consumer since we launched Spritz in 2019 so it’s kind of just business as usual on this side, just with a few more horses and a lot more swag in the Kin'dom :) 

Your brand states that Kin Euphorics makes non-alcoholic drinks that elevate “the world’s oldest social tradition: drinking." Can you share what you mean by this and why you decided to enter the non-alcoholic beverage market?

Drinking alcohol literally depresses the system, belly to brain. We wanted to create something that uplifted folks from within. We also wanted to elevate it in the figurative sense. Often, I found when my friends and I drank too much alcohol, we were a lesser version of ourselves. It left me feeling physically depleted and emotionally defeated. I set out to create something that made me a better version of myself in the moment and the morning after. 

We’d love to educate our community on Kin's offerings. Can you share some of your favorite Kin giftable products and some details and special callouts about them?

Whenever someone is new to Kin, I always recommend Lightwave. Most everyone I know has a million different tricks and tools to get buzzed or boosted. But how many people do you know that have a go-to drink that helps them feel grounded and stress-free (sans hangover)? Lightwave has a woven tapestry of ingredients that start by boosting Vitamin D3 and the essential amino acid L-tryptophan to balance mood and kickstart serotonin production. Saffron and reishi mushroom and my favorite nootropics in this drink, known best for helping improve neuroplasticity and sense of inner peace. Plus the flavor is super delicious - a birch beer laced with lavender and a kiss of vanilla bourbon. YUM. 

It’s no secret that the global community has had to pivot a lot this past year and a half. As the leader of a growing brand dedicated to wellness, what do you do to keep up with your personal wellness journey? Any recommendations of Jen’s favorite things?

I’m a freak about biannual resets. I love to cleanse everything between the two major seasonal transitions of every year (winter to spring and fall to winter). I clean my house top to bottom, reset my digital diet, engage in weekly sensory deprivation, hot yoga, running, dancing, do a microbiome overhaul, alc-free for 30-60 days depending on my stress levels (less if stressed, ha somehow that’s still not obvious in the west - no matter what the Big Alc marketing departments say, alcohol increases anxiety and depression guys!), and of course clean the F out of my work inbox bc open loops are like little landmines for your brain. This is my favorite thing. It literally makes me feel euphoric to get strong emotionally, physically and financially in this way and twice a year is all you need to keep it glowing. 

And now a little more about Jen the person;

What’s the best advice you’ve recently received & why? AND What are you watching on TV or Netflix right now & why should we check it out?

I don’t watch TV or Netflix! That will rot your brain and dampen your spirit. Ha so I’ll answer the first one. Best advice I’ve ever received was “You’ll get more opinions than helpful wisdom throughout your journey as an entrepreneur. The key is to be smart enough to tell the difference and humble enough to accept (and apply) the latter.”