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How Goody is Celebrating Customer Service Week

How Goody is Celebrating Customer Service Week

Happy Customer Service Week! We chatted with our own CX Lead at Goody, Miles Johnson, to get his take on high-touch customer experience and how he’s leveraged his own past experience in the arts to help create more inclusive communities. 

Miles Johnson, CX Lead at Goody

Can you share with us a bit about your background and current role at Goody?

I am a former actor who left that industry due to the severe inequalities within that community only to find it just as prevalent in the business world. I became very passionate about equality and have been involved in the diversity & inclusion community for over 4 years. For me, finding a solution for inequality manifested in the form of customer experience. What better way is there to learn about humans than to interact with many different ones from many different walks of life on a daily basis. Working in customer experience is a great tool to learn about others and to in turn lead with kindness in all interactions. Here at Goody as the Customer Experience Lead, I get the opportunity & privilege to work hand in hand helping to develop an inclusive, educational and diverse community both internally and externally.

What do you love about your customer-facing role?

I love that I get the opportunity to change someone’s day over & over, merely through the simplicity of basic human connection & kindness. In today’s current social and political climate there is, for great reason, a lot of division and it can often be quite overwhelming. I believe those of us with a passion for customer experience and connection, have the opportunity everyday to use simple interactions to better ourselves and our communities. AND, I spend my day sending people presents! Literally bringing joy to strangers & friends through one of my favorite love languages, GIFTS!

What does building community mean to you? 

As a former professional creative artist, I love the concept of togetherness for the purpose of connection & creation. In theater, community was everything to me. I believe at some level, we are all connected. Call it spiritual, scientific or whatever works for you and your spirit; but it has been proven time and again that there is strength in numbers and more importantly, ALIGNMENT. When you work to build a community, in any form, you have the great opportunity AND responsibility to design a better world one brick/one person at a time. I know I just made this so deep lol, but I truly believe this is the key to ultimate peace. I also believe that the intention of community building is the most important part. My intention is to always help build and be a part of a community chock full of inclusion, respect, communication & equality. This concept translates through all mediums; whether corporate, creative or humanitarian based. I see that at Goody and I believe these are the most important pillars of a great customer experience.

Can you share some takeaways on how a high-touch customer experience can lead to a strong brand and an engaged community? 

OF COOOOURSE! When I am looking to spend my money, I am always drawn to brands that have a story & a mission to share. I call it intentional business and I believe it is so important for the business community to get on board with a “people first” mentality. People do not shop where they do not see themselves. I have been in many brand & marketing rooms that sadly do not make that the focus. If you show the people in your community that they are seen AND heard, I believe that is the quickest way to success. I’ve seen it time and again and the key to this is high touch customer experience. Building a community takes strong communication, high-level emotional intelligence and engagement. I don’t think a lot of people really understand how important customer experience is to their business models. I have had the pleasure of working with some of the brightest & best in the CX community and I want to send big love to them as we celebrate this important week. You are seen and you are heard! Thank you for all that you do! 

xo- Miles

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