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How #OnGoody Brands are Innovating, Making an Impact, Focusing on Sustainability and Personal Wellness

How #OnGoody Brands are Innovating, Making an Impact, Focusing on Sustainability and Personal Wellness

At Goody, we test and vet A LOT of brands and we’re always impressed with brands who do amazing things. Whether it’s showing up with brand values front and center, creating new ideas that break the mold or designing a product with health and sustainability in mind, we always get excited about what our #ongoody brands are up to. 


Bala, the fitness brand born in 2018, launched with its Bangles, to help amplify your workout routine. These weighted bangles, worn on the wrist and ankles, are versatile and add an extra layer of resistance to any activity you’re into. 

Bala has continued to innovate with its line of Power Rings, Bands and Sliders that offer more ways to amp up different workout modalities. Bala’s ergonomic designs are great for compound movements like squats, lunges, curls and rows, which all help to strengthen agility, endurance and balance.

Bala products are made from recycled stainless steel wrapped in soft silicone (and Bala Bands are made from 100% natural latex) and the brand continues to keep sustainability in mind as they’re adding new products to the line up. Bala has also secured a deal on Shark Tank with Mark Cuban and Maria Sharapova as investors on its quest to make fitness more functional (and stylish). 

Jack Henry

Founded in 2017 by a husband and wife team, Jack Henry, is committed to clean, non-toxic, plant-based products that make grooming healthier and easier. Made in California, Jack Henry products contain zero harmful chemicals and do no animal testing. They also use glass containers that are 100% recyclable. 

With clean ingredients sourced from around the world, like organic lavender oil from France, organic Turmeric oil from Madagascar and organic coconuts from the Philippines, each has their own distinct purpose and no synthetics are ever used. 

Jack Henry leads the grooming space with a focus around transparency and education, and an overall respect for those who don’t want to choose between prioritizing products that work and products that support a conscious, healthy lifestyle.

Loops Beauty

LOOPS, backed by supermodel and Creative Director Emily Ratajkowski launched in February 2020 with products that take clean, highly targeted formulas to the next level. With dermatologist-tested products that omit all parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances, these celeb favorite sheet masks use the power of Korean hydrogel technology to hydrate, plump and protect skin (who doesn’t love a good, healthy glow!). 

LOOPS sources high quality ingredients but also keeps it affordable and environmentally friendly too, with masks that are fully compostable and biodegradable. They’re also made for multi-tasking, so feel free to take care of things while you’re waiting for the mask to do its magic. 


Did you know that the scalp is considered one of the most absorbent parts of the body? Founded in 2020, Ceremonia is all about clean hair care, rooted in the Latinx culture and heritage of its founder Babba Rivera. Ceremonia is on a mission to create modern day rituals that emphasize hair wellness and leave out silicones, parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

The brand is focused on the tenets of: natural ingredients (sourced from Latin America), sustainability and community. Plus, their packaging is entirely recyclable, with a variety of pure and toxic-free formulas that address frizz, shine, hair growth and scalp moisture. Ceremonia combines a strong Latinx heritage and point of view, products that serve a community that has previously been left out of mainstream beauty-industry conversations and focuses on enhancing natural beauty through wellness regimens that are easy to maintain.


Founded in 2018, Brightland was born out of a desire for better, more honest food production. After learning that most of the olive oil consumed in America is adulterated and not fresh (possibly even spoiled!), entrepreneur Aishwarya Iyer, went on a mission to create a product that goes way beyond what’s found on the typical supermarket shelves. 

Brightland uses ingredients sourced directly from California farms with no fillers or artificial preservatives, and all of the health benefits EVOO is known for, like lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and the risk of coronary disease.This impact-driven brand prioritizes natural ingredients and recyclable packaging in artist- designed bottles that elevate any kitchen counter and elevate even the most homey dishes.