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How Our New Teams Feature Is Helping Organizations Share Gratitude

How Our New Teams Feature Is Helping Organizations Share Gratitude

As the saying goes “it takes a village” (aka a team). Nothing great is ever done alone, which is why we just launched Teams on Goody+. It’s a new way to help you and your team collaborate on gift-giving efforts and share gratitude and inspiration across your org.

How to create a team and invite your colleagues

1. Sign in to your Goody+ account.

2. Navigate to “Individual” on the top left of your screen to reveal the Teams menu. (Once you have created a team or been added to a team, you’ll be able to toggle between the various teams you are a part of from this menu.)

3. Choose a name for your team, such as your department or a particular gift-send project you’re collaborating on.

4. Invite members to your team. Just add their name and email address.

Team managers can also set permissions on team activities and remove team members as needed.

Please note that if you’re inviting a team member who already has a Goody+ account, then reach out to Goody support so we can merge your accounts. Just let us know via live chat or email plus-support@ongoody.com.

Benefits of creating a team on Goody+

  • See all gifts sent in one place, including gift acceptance and shipping statuses
  • Share access to thank you notes (and feel-good vibes)
  • Keep your gifting efforts organized and see what everyone is sending!

We hear from brands and companies everyday that visibility into thank you notes from clients and team members is a great way to build company morale. Seeing the gratitude generated by all your team’s activities really helps drive home the impact of your gifting efforts.

More questions about gifting on Goody+? Check out our Goody FAQs.