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How to Accessorize Your Desk (Wherever it Might Be!)

How to Accessorize Your Desk (Wherever it Might Be!)

As simple as it might seem, a functional, inviting and well-organized space goes a long way. Your desk should be a clean and inspiring environment to help you do your best work. Just a few adjustments and accessories added to your desk can improve productivity, get you mentally ready for work, and make your surroundings more aesthetically pleasing.

Here are some easy and affordable accessories to help maximize those productivity vibes!

Fellow - Carter Everywhere Mug

Keep your coffee within reach with the Carter Everywhere Mug. It comes in a minimalistic design that’s highly durable and maintains the heat you need to keep you fueled throughout your day. So whether you’re out and about, in your home, or office, this mug can easily travel with you. 

Touchland - Power Mist Single Pack 

These days hand sanitizers are as essential as your wallet, keys and phone. Touchland upgrades this necessary basic (and makes it Insta-worthy) with their Power Mist. With good-for-you ingredients like Aloe Vera, which moisturizes without that greasy feel and Lemon Essential Oil, which purifies the skin, Touchland is both functional and stylish. 

Lula’s Garden - Jewel Garden

A succulent from Lula’s Garden is the perfect workspace accessory that helps keep you zen and adds a calming aesthetic to any desk or shelf. Because an element of give-back is always a feel-good, it’s great to know that each succulent garden sold provides six months of safe water for a person in the developing world through a partnership with

Function101 - Bento Stack

The Bento Stack is a must-have desk accessory to keep your tech products looking neat. With roomy compartment lids you can organize: charging cables, Apple watch bands, Airpods and more, plus it’s handy on the go and ideal for travel. If you’re into balancing both style and function, this accessory is the perfect fit. 

Food52 -  Silicon Straws

Silicon Straws from Food52 are flexible, durable and easy to clean (squeegee included!). They make staying sustainable easy and come with a compact carrying case that’s perfect for on-the-go moments. 

Apotheke- Signature Candle 

Elevated, handmade candles in signature scents that can easily create the calming sanctuary you need to be your most productive self. Think scents like Sea Salt Grapefruit, White Vetiver and Charcoal, plus they’re sulfate and phthalate free, vegan and cruelty-free.