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Modernizing The Ear Piercing Experience

Modernizing The Ear Piercing Experience

Studs is reinventing the ear-piercing experience with their brick-and-mortar storefronts for needle piercing as well as their online retail shop where customers can shop for earscapes, single earrings, collections and more. We interviewed the founders, Anna Harman and Lisa Bubbers to learn more about how they started, how their approach to piercing differs from the traditional "mall piercing" and even got them to share their favorite earrings (at the moment!).

You are longtime friends both with backgrounds in the service-based startup world. We would love to hear the story of what led you to co-found STUDS!  

Anna and Lisa have been friends for a decade and both have backgrounds as startup operators with complimentary areas of expertise. Anna, at the age of 34 went to get a second piercing at a premium piercing store. The wait was going to be a few hours, and the assortment was expensive and her piercing would be hundreds of dollars. Anna knew she wanted to get pierced with a needle and not a gun, so Lisa accompanied her to a tattoo parlor downtown. While the piercing practice was healthy and safe, Anna felt out of place in the environment and didn’t love the assortment. Anna and Lisa began researching what options were available for today’s 18-35 year olds that want an affordable and safe ear piercing experience and on-trend assortment and found this hole in the market. They created Studs to reimagine the ear piercing and earring experience for all ears and coined the term Earscape® to define the Studs experience and the art + science of decorating one’s ear with personalized piercings + earrings, resulting in a form of extreme self-expression.

Congrats on continuing to grow your brick and mortar locations, all of which are beyond beautiful. Can you tell us a bit about your approach to your piercing studios and what makes the experience so different from other piercing experiences we may be familiar with? 

Our studio is really focused on providing the customer an amazing experience. The piercing process is highly consultative and the store design is both clean and healthy as well as fun, cool and instagrammable. From small details like aftercards to our amazing and friendly team, we make sure the customer has a great ear piercing and shopping experience from start to finish. 

Why is it beneficial to pierce with needles as opposed to using piercing “guns”? 

Piercing with needles is safer, healthier and a more effective way to pierce, especially with more advanced piercings. 

One of the things we love most about your jewelry is that there is such a wide assortment of playful and chic pieces -- truly with something there for everyone. Can you share what inspires your design process? 

The inspiration of the Studs line is really about having a wide assortment of on-trend earrings for all of our customers’ styles. We ensure there’s a lot of different looks, but they can all be assorted together for the perfect Earscape. 

Speaking of offering something for everyone on your list - curious to hear which STUDS pieces are in your current daily rotations and also which pieces you’re looking forward to gifting this holiday season? 

My absolute favorite this holiday season is the martini huggie:

Which I pair with our best-selling mini pave huggies: