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Spread The Love This Valentines Day With Luxury Blooms

Spread The Love This Valentines Day With Luxury Blooms

Flowers have long been a symbol of love. They are one of the easiest and the most cost-effective ways to add beauty and happiness into someones life.

7 reasons to send flowers to your loved ones:

  1. To express your love; Flowers are for everyone (mom, dad, spouse, sibling, friend, mentor), not just for lovers or spouses either. They are a perfect way of saying that you love someone and show them  that they are important in your life.
  2. To make someone smile; Flowers can make someone smile in no time. The blossoms and sweet fragrances that flowers behold can instantly change anyone’s mood and emit a sense of gratitude.
  3. To apologize; Apologizing every time with words can be difficult and awkward. Sending flowers can act as a gesture to apologize and spark communication.
  4. To show empathy; When dealing with hardships, flowers are a great way to express your sympathy.
  5. To show kindness; A random gesture that goes a long way. Pick someone from your contact list and send them flowers on Goody. You will see how big of an impact this will make in someones day.
  6. To celebrate; Flowers are a perfect gift for any kind of celebration and they are a great way to celebrate the little things in life.
  7. To impress someone; Need an ice-breaker to kill the silence off with your crush? Send them a bouquet with a simple note. The small message goes a long way.


A family-owned and operated floral brand with a 30-year legacy. All blooms are hand-selected and sustainably grown by farmers in Ecuador and Colombia.

Brand Values: Sustainable


1. Va Va Voom Roses

What is it: A vivacious bundle of magenta blooms that will make your guests ooh and ahh. These pink specialty roses are guaranteed to stop the show. Includes 25 stems. Perfect for: wooing them, bold moments, treating yourself.

Price: $85


2. Classic Red Roses

What is it: Does anything say love more than the gesture of sharing a bundle of long stemmed red roses? This bouquet is bursting with 25 classic long stemmed red roses and are sure to delight. 

Price: $95


3. Pink Valentine

What is it: A blushing bouquet guaranteed to leave them smitten. This rosy arrangement of abundant pink stems shouts “Be mine.” Perfect for: new love, making memories, thinking-of-yous.

Price: $108


4. Ruby Reds

What is it: Bolder, bigger, and bursting with royal red hues, this traditional Ruby Red Roses in an arrangement of 30 are perfect for infatuations and sentimental gestures. 

Price: $118


5. Romance Roseland

What is it: Are you ready to fall in love? Romance Roseland makes everyone swoon. Bursting with 30 stems of infatuating pinks, deep reds and white, this Romance Roseland shouts love and admiration. Perfect for: professing love, romancing them, sending a kiss. 

Price: $118


6. Epic Heart Roses

What is it: Thirty Burgundy blooms that burst with deep, eternal love and will always meet you with heart eyes. Perfect for declarations of love, grand gestures, and whispering sweet nothings.

Price: $128


7. Excessive Love

What is it: More is always more. An enormously large bundle of Pomp farm's specialty long stem roses. Includes 150 bursting stems, a gesture of excessive love to show them how much you care.

Price: $255


H.Bloom is one of the world’s leading hand delivered luxury floral and plant services. Each arrangement is made to order by floral designers with fresh, beautiful blooms.

1. Pretty In Pink Bundle

What is it: A wrapped bundle of fresh pink roses, accented with seasonal wildflowers and greenery. 

Price: $95

2. Red Rose Seasonal Mix

What is it: A lush design featuring deep crimson and red blooms, accented lightly with seasonal greenery. Glass vase included.

Price: $95

3. Red Panther

What is it: A modern arrangement featuring crimson and deep burgundy blooms, accented with greenery.

Price: $140

4. 1 Dozen Red Roses in Vase

What is it: A classic design featuring 12 premium hand-picked roses, accented with seasonal greenery.

Price: $140

5. Modern Romance

What is it: A romantic design featuring fresh pink and red blooms which have been grouped by variety, accented with wildflowers and greenery.

Price: $145

6. Moxie

What is it: A contemporary design featuring hot pink and blush blooms, grouped by variety. 

Price: $150

7. Gorgeous Garnet

What is it: A gorgeous low and lush design featuring deep burgundy, bright red, and soft blush blooms.

Price: $175

8. Royal in Red

What is it: A lush combination of royal red roses and a variety of exotic red blooms, accented with modern greenery. 

Price: $185

La Fleur Bouquets

La Fleur Bouquets offers real preserved flowers in a Parisian style hat box. All roses are 100% real and will last up to 3 years without any maintenance.

Brand Values: Female Founded

1. Mini Rose Bouquet 

What is it: The Mini is one single preserved rose in a 2x2 inch round box that fits in the palm of your hand with your recipient's choice of rose color.

Price: $39

2. Signature Rose Gift Set

What is it: Experience a luxury unboxing experience with La Fleur's Signature Gift Set. Featuring La Fleur's signature fragrance and iconic Lifetime mini perfectly nestled in a sleek black gift box.

Price: $99

3.Super Petit Bouquet

What is it: The Super Petite arrangement of forever roses is a small gesture with big impression. Comes with 4 large roses with your recipient's choice of rose color.

Price: $99

4. Petite Round Bouquet

What is it: The Petite arrangement of forever roses comes in a the classic white box with your recipient's choice of rose color.

Price: $299

5. The Enchanted Love Rose

What is it: The Enchanted Love Rose is a real preserved heart shaped rose that will last for years, without water! Your loved one will treasure for years to come!

Price: $249

6. Black Marble Square

What is it: La Fleur's Marble Acrylique boxes are a luxurious way to display your roses that will last a year. This perfect piece of Black Marble home decor holds 16 premium roses. Recipient's choice of rose color.

Price: $349

7. Rose Dome La Fleur

What is it: Everlasting roses are perfectly placed to create a dome shaped arrangement. Recipient gets to choose rose color.

Price: $399


Florabrook specializes in dried forever bouquets that last forever.

Brand Values: Female Founded

1. Heart Warmer Forever Bouquet 

What is it: Mix of reds and neutrals exact ingredients will vary.

Price: $100

2. Love You Mean It Forever Bouquet

What is it: Mix of pink and neutrals.

Price: $100