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They Won't Want To Leave Home After These Cozy Gifts

They Won't Want To Leave Home After These Cozy Gifts

As the sky begins to darken a bit earlier and the temperatures continue to drop, we’re trading many of our bar hopping nights for more of a Netflix and chill night. There’s something so comforting about getting into your pajamas, lighting a candle, cocooning into a blanket and putting your phone down for a few hours. As we prepare for the holidays, we’re rounding up our favorite gifts to make the most of a perfect night in.

Carbone - Sauce Bundle

Nothing’s more comforting than a warm bowl of pasta with Vodka sauce.

Siblings Candles - DIY Candle

Set the mood with this fun activity that comes together with deep, dense fragrance.

Parachute Home - Waffle Booties

Waffle around everywhere you go with these extra cozy pull-on booties.

Brunch - Backgammon Set

Test your luck with this travel-size board game.

Piecework Puzzles - Life of the Party

Grab your cake and eat it too, with vibrant pops of color and a 1970's vibe. This 1,000 piece puzzle is everything you need to be entertained for a cozy night in.

Steep & Mellow - Dream Tea

The dream tea is the tea you’ve been dreaming of. Designed to help you sleep better, it’s infused with reishi mushroom, ashwagandha root, and valerian root to help mellow you out and achieve a restful sleep.