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25 Unique Employee Appreciation Gifts for 2022

25 Unique Employee Appreciation Gifts for 2022

Choosing the right employee appreciation gift is both an art and a science. 

It’s a science because of the substantial research showing that employee gifts can have a better return than cash bonuses. Thoughtful, personalized gifts can improve productivity by as much as 25%, according to the Harvard Business Review.

Yet it’s an art because your gift needs to show gratitude, thoughtfulness and care. So many employee appreciation gifts are cookie-cutter, tacky and “corporate” – think plastic-wrapped gift baskets you’d never give to a real friend. While affordability is important (especially if you’re gifting your entire company), employee appreciation gifts that feel cheap might have the opposite of their intended effect.

What makes the perfect employee appreciation gift?

Memorable employee appreciation gifts can run the gamut, from surprise snacks that everyone receives to one-off luxury gifts for a cherished employee’s work anniversary. 

Yet when you’re shopping for employee appreciation gifts, you can’t go wrong by following these basic guidelines:

  • Cool brands, not generic ones: “Buying generic” is OK at the pharmacy, but not for your employee appreciation gifts. When employees get gifts from obscure wholesale manufacturers they’ve never heard of, they think one thing: cheap. Instead, choose trendy brands your employees would shop from in their personal lives.
  • Shop companies whose values you support: For many socially conscious employees, it’s painful to see management push corporate gifting dollars to huge conglomerates. Instead, use your gifting budget on brands with values you support, like BIPOC, female, or LGBTQ founded companies, small businesses, or firms focused on sustainability or social impact.
  • Use the five senses to create a sense of connection: It may sound New Age-y, but when employees all share the same physical gift, it can build a sense of connection that overcomes the isolation of remote work. Give gifts that let employees share a common experience, whether it’s the fragrance of a candle, the feel of a sherpa blanket, the plant on their deskscape, or simply the taste of some delicious coffee. 
  • Let employees swap gifts: No matter how thoughtful your gift is, there is never a one-size-fits-all choice that every employee will love. Between dietary restrictions, gift preferences, and allergies, there are plenty of legitimate reasons employees won’t want what you’re giving them. That’s why, when you send a gift on Goody+, employees can swap out gifts from equal or lower-priced options if they prefer. (About 50% of employees swap gifts when given the option.)
  • Avoid gift cards: Gift cards – while better than nothing – are never going to feel particularly thoughtful or personalized. They’re also more likely to be considered taxable by the IRS.

25 unique gifts for employee appreciation

1. Devocion Single Bag Coffee

What is it: The coffee aficionados on your team will treasure the gift of the freshest coffee imaginable. Hand selected in Colombia and roasted in Brooklyn, these beans go from origin to cup in as little as 10 days. 

Why employees love it: Freshest. Coffee. Ever. Need we say more?

Brand values: Sustainable, BIPOC-owned

Customizable: No

Price: $16

2. Ceramic To-Go Cup

What is it: Ceramic on-the-go hot cup with maman's signature design.

Why employees love it: Arrive to work on-time with a warm cup of coffee.

Price: $20

3. Northwind Monogrammed Leather Mousepad

What is it: The perfect leather mousepad for their home office set up. 

Why employees love it: The personalized touch added to their work space with the thoughtful monogram detail. 

Brand Values: Female Founded, Sustainable 

Customizable: Yes - Monogram

Price: $22

4. Branded Canvas Tote Bag

What is it: Your team will proudly rep your company while carrying their belongings in style with this Canvas Tote Bag featuring your company logo. 

Why employees love it: An essential accessory for everyday needs. 

Brand Values: Sustainable 

Customizable: Yes - Brand Logo

Price: $20

5. Lula’s Garden Bliss Garden 

What is it: Brighten up their desk with the Bliss Garden from Lula’s featuring a fresh succulent sourced from a family-owned nursery and packed in a beautiful planter gift box. A gift that keeps on giving, each succulent garden sold provides six months of safe water for one person in the developing world through a partnership with 

Why employees love it: Having plants in your workspace has been shown to increase attention span, improve creativity, lower stress and stabilize mood.

Customizable: Yes - Brand Logo 

Price: $28

6. Baked by Melissa Latest and Greatest Box 

What is it: The perfect sampler for dessert devotees who like to try a little bit of everything. This 25 pack of cupcakes contains the latest and greatest flavors from Baked by Melissa, offering a delicious combo of their latest seasonal favorites and all time best sellers. 

Why employees love it: Bite size treats. Perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Customizable: No

Price: $32

7. Gift from our book collection

What is it: Keep your employees engaged through continuous learning and gift any book, with hundreds of thousands of titles to choose from. 

Why employees love it: They’ll appreciate the investment in fostering their personal and professional development. 

Customizable: No 

Price: $15+

8. Soma Glass Water Bottle

What is it: Upgrade their water bottle with The Soma Bottle, the perfect companion for keeping healthy hydration all day long. Made with thoughtful details like shatter-resistant glass, a protective silicone sleeve and renewable bamboo cap. 

Why employees love it: Sustainable, chic, effective to stay hydrated all day.

Brand Values: Sustainable, Social Impact Drive 

Customizable: No

Price: $35

9. Tasty Ribbon Coffee O’Clock

What is it: Coffee lovers will relish in this new way to consume their favorite flavor, with a luxurious cappuccino spread, chocolate-covered espresso beans and dark chocolate bar. 

Why employees love it: Team members can start the day enjoying the spread on toast, snack on some milk chocolate-covered coffee beans when in need of a recharge and indulge in the dark chocolate bar with coffee filling. 

Brand Values: Female Founded 

Customizable: No 

Price: $35

10. Wandering Bear Extra Strong Cold Brew on Tap 

What is it: They’ll be fueled up with the good stuff with this Extra Strong Cold Brew from Wandering Bear. Coffee shop quality cold brew at the push of a button, packaged in a box designed to fit any fridge and that will keep their brew fresh long after opening. 

Why employees love it: Extra strong fuel to keep them focused for a productive day of work.

Brand Values: Certified Organic, Social Impact Driven, Sustainable, Vegan

Customizable: No 

Price: $36

11. Rooted Chef’s Choice Herb Kit

What is it: They’ll tap into their green thumb and the harvest will delight them as they use the fresh herbs in their kitchen to kick mealtime up a notch. The Chef’s Choice Herb Kit includes fresh Basil, Cilantro, Mint and Parsley — Basil Pannacotta, anyone? 

Why employees love it: A gift that keeps on growing! 

Customizable: No 

Price: $40

12. Yogasleep Duet White Noise Machine with Night Light and Wireless Speaker

What is it: Rest and relaxation are so important to recharge and this Yogasleep White Noise Machine will allow them to sleep like a baby and wake up feeling fresh and inspired. Doubling as a wireless speaker and night light, this gift will become a beloved staple of their sleep routine. 

Why employees love it: Sleep and productivity go hand in hand. Improve sleeping patterns with this thoughtful gift.  

Customizable: No 

Price: $42

13. Bake It With Mel DIY Bake Kit  

What is it: Recipe kits from two time Chopped Champion, Bake It With Mel. Kits come fully stocked with everything needed to tap into their inner chef with pre-measured ingredients, recipe sheets and tools. 

Why employees love it:  An engaging team activity or enjoyable solo, team members will test their baking skills through curated recipe kits.

Customizable: No

Price: $45

14. Levain 8 Pack 

What is it: Team members will savor this special treat of cookies from Levain Bakery, the NYC bakery legend and iconic destination for world-famous, decadent six-ounce cookies in classic flavors. 

Why employees love it: The kind of cookie that makes everyone run to the breakroom, but this time they won’t have to share.

Brand Values: Female Founded, Social Impact Driven

Customizable: No

Price: $49

15. LuminAID PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger & Lantern

What is it: Great for tech enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike, this 2-in1 Phone Charger & Lantern from LuminAID is the perfect all-in-one device to charge their phone, light up a campsite, or stock in an emergency kit. Reminding your team you have their back throughout it all!

Why employees love it: The perfect all-in-one device. 

Customizable: No

Price: $50

16. W&P Porter Sip Sustainably Bundle

What is it: This set includes the bestselling Porter Bottle and Porter Mug constructed with borosilicate glass, a ceramic interior, and grippable silicone sleeves making it their new preferred disposable alternative. 

Why employees love it: Employees will appreciate the help shaking off single-use plastics and doing so has never looked so good. 

Brand Values: Social Impact Driven, Sustainable

Customizable: No

Price: $50

17. Ordinary Habit Chai Bundle, Puzzle + Chai

What is it: Employees will cozy up with a cup of Gulab City Chai while diving into this vibrant 500 piece Troublemakers puzzle by Ordinary Habit, featuring a group of women coming together over tea time. 

Why employees love it: Provide them with everything needed for a much deserved evening of relaxation.

Brand Values: Female Founded, Social Impact Driven

Customizable: No

Price: $55

18. Branded Sherpa Blanket

What is it: Team members will rep their company pride at home with this dreamy Sherpa Blanket branded with your logo. 

Why employees love it: Plush and warm, it will be their new cherished movie night accessory. 

Customizable: Yes - Brand Logo 

Price: $60

19. Paravel Weekender Fold-Up Bag 

What is it: The Weekender Fold-Up Bag from Paravel is a roomy, feather-light duffle when they need it that folds into a tablet-sized pouch when they don’t. Bonus points that it’s made from 22 upcycled plastic water bottles! 

Why employees love it: Equip them to travel with ease. A lightweight duffle that folds into a tablet-sized pouch to easily store. 

Customizable: Yes - Monogram

Price: $70

20. Fellow Stagg Pour-Over Kettle

What is it: Whether they prefer coffee or tea, this Stagg Pour-Over Kettle will kick their morning routine up a notch. They’ll adore the beautiful functional design, intuitive steady pour and built-in brew-range thermometer so the temperature is just the way they like it, every time. 

Why employees love it: The pour-over, perfected

Brand Values: Social Impact Driven, Sustainable

Customizable: No

Price: $80

21. Desk Decor Digital Bundle

What is it: A succulent from Lula’s garden along with a branded sweatshirt.

Why employees love it: As they pull on their branded sweatshirt and decorate their desk with this fresh succulent, they’ll feel a sense of belonging as being a valued part of your team. This cozy sweatshirt features your company logo. 

Customizable: Yes - Brand Logo on Branded Sweatshirt 

Price: $90

22. Courant Catch:2 Essentials, Belgian Linen 

What is it: Courant shows us that wireless charging can be both beautiful and convenient. Their Catch:2 Essentials charges two devices without any drawbacks of dead zones, it’s weighted so it stays put and is wrapped in designer-quality Belgian Linen.

Why employees love it: A two for one! Stay connected with this chic charger

Brand Values: BIPOC Founded, Sustainable 

Customizable: Yes - Monogram on Catch:2 Charger 

Price: $90

23. Ember 10oz mug  

What is it: For the coffee or tea drinker who sips all day long, this mug from Ember uses patented temperature control technology so they can set the precise temperature of their beverage and enjoy it from the first swig to the last drop. Solving the universal problem for coffee and tea drinkers in an elegant and technology-driven way. 

Why employees love it: While in and out of meetings throughout the day their coffee will stay at the perfect temperature. 

Customizable: No

Price: $100

24. Brightland The Essential Capsule

What is it: For the foodies on your team, gift The Essential Capsule from Brightland. Featuring four of Brightland’s family-farm to table Olive Oils and Vinegars, lovingly made in California and sure to delight culinary experts and novice chefs alike. 

Why employees love it: An essential cooking item that will be a staple in any kitchen.

Customizable: No

Price: $112

25. WFH Essentials Digital Bundle

What is it: This vibrant succulent from Lula’s Garden paired with a luxe Belgian-linen wrapped wireless charger from Courant will brighten up their work-space and keep it functional. The Catch:2 charger provides multi-device wireless charging and is personalized for an added touch with monogramming included. 

Why employees love it: Turn their desk into an instagrammable moment. 

Customizable: Yes - Monogram on Catch:2 Charger 

Price: $124

Why use Goody+ for employee appreciation gifts?

When it comes to unique employee appreciation gifts, Goody+ is a game changer. To send a gift, all you need to know is your recipient’s email or phone number. The gift recipient provides their shipping info when they accept your gift. Best of all, they can swap your gift for another option if they prefer. Our curated gift collection includes hundreds of on-trend brands that employees will love.

With Goody+, you can send one gift or hundreds in minutes, and track gift statuses and thank-you notes, all in one place. You can even sync Goody+ with your HR system, and automatically send employee appreciation gifts for milestones like work anniversaries or birthdays.

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