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25 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Employees & Coworkers

25 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Employees & Coworkers

You might think Valentine’s Day gifts are just for your romantic partner. But February 14 is also a perfect occasion to recognize the people you probably spend even more of your waking hours with: your colleagues!

Why gift employees and coworkers for Valentine’s Day?

Research from Harvard Business Review shows that thoughtful, personalized gifts can be more motivating to employees than cash bonuses, increasing productivity by as much as 25%.

But you don’t need to be a CFO to see the benefits of Valentine’s Day gifts for your employees and coworkers. These days, with so many of us working remotely, simply sharing a gift can deepen your emotional connection to your coworkers. In 2022, with employee burnout at an all-time high across professions, Valentine’s Day gifts are the perfect pick-me-up for your “work spouse” or your whole team.

25 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for every employee & price point

Forget about drug-store chocolate samplers and stuffed animals. We’ve compiled a list of 25 unique, memorable gifts that employees and coworkers will really remember. (And yes, there are plenty of chocolates.)

1. Dana’s Bakery - Chocolate Lovers Box

What is it: Calling all chocolate lovers! Indulging in these sweet desserts will satisfy their chocolate cravings. Featuring favorite chocolate macarons such as Red Velvet, Chocolate Molten, Cookie Dough & S'mores. Includes 12 macarons.

Why employees love it: Think outside the chocolate box. These macarons are irresistible and unique.

Brand Values: Female Founded 

Price: $36

2. Machete Apple Watch Band in Poppy

What is it: MACHETE fine acetate watch bands are beloved by celebrities + fashion editors worldwide.

Why employees love it: Provide them with the chicest way to wear their Apple Watch.

Brand Values: Female Founded

Price: $65

3. Michelle’s Maccs Ruby Red 12 Pack

What is it: You've never tasted chocolate + coconut like this. Dense, chewy, shredded coconut and Belgian chocolate unite to form delectable treats that are nearly impossible to put down.

Why employees love it: An indulgent coconut dessert, perfected

Brand Values: Female Founded

Price: $28

4. Lula’s Garden Valentine’s Bliss Garden

What is it: A fresh succulent garden delivered to your doorstep packaged in a beautifully crafted planter gift box, ready to display and enjoy.

Why employees love it: Brighten up any desk with a bit of green

Brand Values: Female Founded, Social Impact Driven, Sustainable

Price: $32

5. Raaka Chocolate Strawberry Swirl Single Bar

What is it: A juicy dark chocolate with a delightful pink swirl of strawberry and vanilla vegan white chocolate.

Why employees love it: Every bite will make them feel like they’re frolicking in strawberry fields.

Brand Values: Vegan, Gluten Free, Social Impact Driven

Price: $8

6. Baked By Melissa Valentine’s Day Gift Box

What is it: A variety of six Valentine’s Day cupcake flavors including rich Dulce de Leche, Triple Cookies & Cream, Milk Chocolate and more

Why employees love it: The best Valentine’s Day gifts are filled with bite-size desserts!

Brand Values: Kosher, Female Founded

Price: $40

7. Trade Coffee Gift Card, 2 Bags

What is it: They'll explore a personalized assortment from top roasters with coffee matches based on their preferences. They will take a quiz to share how they like their coffee, customize grind settings and coffee choices, and then receive 2 bags of coffee at peak freshness delivered to their door.

Why employees love it: Help them discover new coffee from all over the world

Price: $40

8. Global Grub Churro Kit

What is it: This DIY Churro Kit comes with just about everything you need to easily make about 40 homemade churros.

Why employees love it: freshly fried pastry sticks coated in cinnamon sugar with decadent chocolate dipping sauce…need we say more?

Brand Values: Female Founded

Price: $42

9. Bala 1LB Bangles In Blush

What is it: Stylish one-pound weights that can be strapped to your wrists or angles.

Why employees love it: Bala will quickly become one of their favorite fitness finds this year.

Brand Values: Sustainable

Price: $49

10. Fly By Jing 88 Spice Lovers

What is it: Fly By Jing is the first premium Chinese food company that brings thoughtfully-crafted pantry staples to the modern kitchen. Comes with assorted chili crisp, sauces and spices.

Why employees love it: The ultimate spice lovers pack.

Brand Values: AAPI Founded

Price: $110

11. Glory Skincare Rose Quartz Gua Sha

What is it: The Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool is specifically designed to massage along the natural contours of your face to help you give your skin a natural glow.

Why employees love it: After being on zoom all day, this is what self care dreams are made of.

Brand Values: BIPOC Founded

Price: $10

12. Levain 4 Pack, Recipient’s Choice

What is it: NYC’s legendary cookies are baked to order and beautifully packaged. Famous for the 6-ounce chocolate chip walnut cookie, Levain Bakery has something for everyone.

Why employees love it: Arguably the greatest cookie on earth.

Brand Values: Female Founded, Social Impact Driven

Price: $29

13. Apotheke Mini Tin Candle, Charcoal

What is it: A hand-poured with perfume-grade fragrance oils and high quality soy wax blend 2 oz. candle.

Why employees love it: The perfect desk accessory for the (home) office

Brand Values: Social Impact Driven, Vegan

Price: $10

14. Hedley & Bennett Apron

What is it: Pro grade cookware worn by the best chefs, home cooks and makers in the world.

Why employees love it: An essential cooking accessory that will be a staple in any kitchen or BBQ

Brand Values: Social Impact Driven, Female Founded

Price: $95

15. Treat House Party Bar

What is it: Reimagined hand-crafted crispy rice and marshmallow treats.

Why employees love it: Nothing says thanks for all that you do like a giant strawberry shortcake flavored crispy rice treat.

Brand Values: Social Impact Driven

Price: $50

16. Maxbone Elsie Elephant Plush Toy

What is it: Upgrade their dog's toy collection with the best-selling Elsie Elephant Plush toy.

Why employees love it: Spoil their furry co-worker. This chic & whimsical toy will give their pup something to fetch, chew, and snuggle.

Brand Values: Social Impact Driven, Female Founded, BIPOC Founded, Sustainable

Price: $25

17. NBA Logo Tee, Recipient's Choice

What is it: Rep your favorite team with a super-soft tee featuring your NBA team's logo.

Why employees love it: From the buzzer-beating finishes you can’t forget to the dynasties that defined the game, pay homage to a tradition that only gets richer with each season.

Price: $34

18. Featured Books By Black Authors

What is it: February is Black History Month, a wonderful opportunity to gift books that tell the story of the Black experience in America. Our roundup of must-read titles includes Zakya Dalila Harris's incisive, best-selling debut, The Other Black Girl, Isabel Wilkerson’s epic yet personal history of the Great Migration, The Warmth of Other Suns, and Harlem Shuffle, by Pulitzer-winning novelist Colson Whitehead.

Why employees love it: Many Valentine’s Day gifts are disposable. These classics by Black authors are vital and unforgettable.

Brand Values: BIPOC Founded

Price: $16 - $32

19. La Fleur Mini Rose Bouquet

What is it: The Mini is one single preserved rose in a 2x2 inch round box that fits in the palm of your hand.

Why employees love it: While in and out of meetings throughout the day this single rose will brighten their day.

Brand Values: Female Founded

Price: $39

20. LEUCHTTURM1917 Bullet Journal

What is it: This journal features a range of thoughtful details such as a page of stickers to be placed as visual reminders, a page divider for quick grouping of pages, future log pages to track the future you’re working towards, an intentions page to define how you want the notebook to serve you, and more.

Why employees love it: Comes with a complimentary gold foil monogram

Price: $36

21. Hampton Popcorn Co. Valentine’s Day Tackle Box

What is it: The Tackle Box is filled with the sweetest Valentine's Day Assortment.

Why employees love it: This will satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth!

Price: $25

22. The Full Kin Kit

What is it: This bundle will level up every moment to create a month of inner peace + cosmic energy sans booze. Includes an 8-pack of Kin Spritz, an 8-pack of Lightwave, a bottle of Dream Light and a bottle of High Rhode.

Why employees love it: Adaptogens, nootropics & botanics aka the perfect gift for the wellness trend setter.

Brand Values: Female Founded

Price: $111

23. Branded Sherpa Blanket

What is it: Team members will rep their company pride at home with this dreamy Sherpa Blanket branded with your logo. 

Why employees love it: Plush and warm, it will be their new cherished movie night accessory. 

Price: $60

24. Poketo Double Wall Mug

What is it: The double-wall design of this glass mug does double duty: adding extra insulation for your hot beverage and creating a unique look with pink colored glass.

Why employees love it: Make their mornings a little brighter with this pink mug from Poketo

Price: $28

25. Craighill Nocturn Catch

What is it: Equally at home on your dresser, desk, or coffee table, this solid American hardwood catch-all provides an ideal home for your daily essentials. Surprisingly hefty, and with a smooth satin finish, you might wind up loving the Nocturn Catch more than the objects you keep on it.

Why employees love it: Catch keys and tchotchke in style

Price: $88

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