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What the Goody Team is Gifting: August Edition

What the Goody Team is Gifting: August Edition

From prebiotic soda to temperature controlled coffee mugs, here’s a selection of what our team is loving to gift this August.

Brunch Slippers

Oliver Citrin, Chief of Staff

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t loved their complimentary hotel slippers to death? Literally. The classic slip-on silhouette is a favorite for a reason, but the durability could be improved. Enter: Brunch Slippers. The brand is on a mission to provide slippers with “a durable sole and a timeless aesthetic.”

Le Classic slippers are the perfect gift for the person who would wear their slippers to work if they could. With their unmatched support, the slippers can take you from checking the mail, to walking the dog, to serving up a five course meal, and even to a mid-day dance break. However you or your gift-ee spends their days, Le Classic slippers are a classic favorite. 


Sree Kolli, Director of Operations

There’s nothing better than a perfectly hot cup of coffee, and there’s nothing worse than a used-to-be hot cup of coffee. Or, as mug brand Ember puts it, “the difference between delicious and disappointing.” The brand’s entire mission is focused on the connection between temperature and enjoying a good cup of Joe. 

If you know a coffee lover who’s always on the go, the Ember Travel Mug is a perfect match. Their patented temperature control technology ensures coffee and other hot beverages stay hot, warm, or whatever temperature defines your perfect cup. The 12 fl. oz container comes with a leak-proof lid and recharging coaster, so you can enjoy your perfect cup wherever you might be. 


Sacha Smith, Social Media Manager

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat gift? Cookie brand Levain is known for serving up monster-sized cookies chock-full of flavor and satisfying mhmm’s with each bite. The bakery began in New York City in a small spot on the Upper West Side, but has since expanded throughout Manhattan and into Washington D.C., and most recently Bethesda, MD. 

Levain’s Signature Cookie Assortment is a no-fail gift. Why decide between their flavors if you can get a bundle of their classics? Each bundle comes with at least one of each of their flavors: Chocolate Chip Walnut, Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip and Oatmeal Raisin; a generously sweet gift that will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Jars by Dani

Christina Sideris, Head of Customer Experience 

Edible, colorful, and easy to eat, the layered cake jars from Jars by Dani are the perfect grab-and-go gift for the sweeth tooth in your life. Founder Dani created her signature product and took to the streets of Manhattan to spread the word of good-looking desserts to match the city’s fashionistas. 

The six pack of mini jars are a perfect, small gift that takes the “eenie meenie miney mo” out of decision making. Choose six colorful and sweet flavors, including Fudge Brownie, Cake Batter, Cookies n’ Cream, Italian Rainbow Cookie, and more. 


Melanie Miracolo, Head of Merchandising

We love the satisfying bubble of conventional sodas, but we don’t love the spoonfuls of sugar that come along with it. Introducing Olipop: a tasty soda brand that skips the sugar and provides ingredients that benefit digestive health instead. Packed with ingredients such as calendula, slippery elm bark, cassava root, marshmallow root, and more, the sodas feed the microbiome with good-for-you plant fiber, prebiotics, and botanicals.  

Thank goodness there’s a variety pack with an assortment of their popular flavors! Try their Orange Squeeze, Strawberry Vanilla, Classic Root Beer, Cherry Vanilla, Ginger Lemon, and Vintage Cola sodas in the 12-count Variety Pack. Cheers to gut health! 

Smudge Wellness

Lauren Haber, Director of Partnerships 

For wellness that is magical, unique, and sometimes messy, Smudge Wellness is your destination. The brand believes in healing from beyond skin-deep, and they provide the very tools to do that, for every person and every need. Choose from a variety of kits that include different combinations of crystals, sage, essential oils, and more. 

The Crystal Power Mix includes an incredible selection of crystals at a great price point. The curated crystals are hand-picked to guide you towards opportunity and all things successful. Fuschite, tiger's eye, white howlite, raw citrine, raw red jasper, and green aventurine are included in the kit, along with a Smudge-exclusive reusable case. Talk about good vibes!