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Your Guide to Gifts by Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Your Guide to Gifts by Zodiac Sign: Virgo

To put it simply, Virgos love the simple things in life. When it comes to gifting, the most practical, but thoughtful gifts outweigh the extravagant. If you want a Virgo to truly cherish your gifts, follow the three S’s: sweet, sentimental, simple.

In this guide, we’ll show you some of the best gift ideas that will make every star align to leave the Virgo in your life smiling. 

Devocion - 2 Pack ($36)

Few things say “I care about you” more than a pack (or two!) of Devoción coffee. Virgos are workaholics, so gifting them fresh coffee will surely wake up their hearts and minds whenever they take a sip.

Devoción offers a variety of whole bean coffees that are sourced directly from Colombia and roasted in NYC. To enhance your relationship even further, be bold and select from flavor notes like caramel, chocolate, cherry and cinnamon. 

Sakara Life - Popc​​orn Trio ($45)

If the Virgo in your life loves staying healthy, then look no further than the Sakara Life Popcorn Trio. It’s not your average popcorn immersed with butter and salt; Sakara offers a healthy alternative that brings the same great taste to any popcorn-worthy moment. 

Made with coconut oil, which is rich in metabolism-boosting medium-chain fatty acids, this trio also has a mineral-rich pink Himalayan salt. Plus, a sweet, caramel-like infusion with low-glycemic coconut nectar, and a signature “cheezy” flavor, dusted with Vitamin B12-rich nutritional yeast making it highly nutritious but still tasty (yes, please!).  

Brooklinen - AM to PM Candle Set  ($59)

Virgos are all about that good self care. A healthy mind leads to a healthy heart. Enter: the Brooklinen AM to PM candle set. These sophisticated scented candles go a step further by giving off that true sense of lasting scent and calm whenever you need it most. Don’t forget that scent is the closest sense linked to memory!

Vitruvi - Stone Diffuser ($119)

Virgos love a vibe. Nothing completes a room more than the Stone Diffuser, whether it be a Virgo’s desk or bedside table, it’s a seamless fit in any space. This diffuser is a decorative, yet functional element that will surely please and soothe.

Mini Melanie - Birthday Cookies ($24-26) 

Virgos can be known for indulgence, but we think it’s safe to say, no zodiac sign is safe when it comes to Mini Melanie cookies. With a variety of shapes and gluten-free options to choose from, these Mini Melanie cookies look as great as they taste. In our opinion, it’s totally OK not to share!